Letter from the Editor: Welcome to Isle of Raasay

logoWell, it’s been a busy few days, but if you’re reading this, we have officially gone live! I’m currently running around making sure all the links and menus direct to the right spots, the various social media profiles are all linked up in the correct way, maps point to the right places, that the worst of the spelling and grammar mistakes are corrected and that at the very least I’ve got my bills paid up to date so that the website stays up and running! 

In case you don’t know, for the past 3 years I’ve run the Isle of Raasay facebook page. We post and share photos, news and information on a semi-regular basis, and we’ve had great success building a community and sharing content over the years. We are now one of the largest facebook pages representing a community or island on the West Coast, and we have over ten times the followers on facebook than we have people living on Raasay! While our most popular content on facebook has always been incredible photos and view of the island, my passion has always been for the history related content we’ve put out. I’ve increasingly found there is little in the way of easily accessible information out there for many people trying to find out a little bit more about Raasay’s history. On facebook, we’ve made posts on the old Iron Ore mines, the broch and published accounts of Raasay’s past. However, facebook as a platform is just not suited to longer, more detailed articles. The site’s algorithms favour and better distribute posts that have a shorter word count and more easily digestible content such as pictures, videos or links. 

For this reason, I designed isleofraasay.com as a platform to host longer articles, galleries, videos and other content that we make and create ourselves. This way you can search through articles and history and follow links to archived material and video content we’ve made. It allows us to host articles, videos, recordings and other material in a more permanent, categorised manner that was just not available on facebook. I hope that this site can act as a perfect sister site to the facebook page, or just for anyone looking for more in-depth information and sources on Raasay’s history online.  Content is drawn from various history books and sources, and I’ve created a Goodreads section on the sidebar that lists the various books used in making up many of these articles. I also plan on adding reference lists to each article, as well as a dedicated page for each source used and (if possible) where to access it. In the future, we should have galleries to access photos and documents as well as other projects like 360 degree photos of areas on Raasay.

You can also subscribe to us via email, and get notifications to new posts in your inbox. I also own the RaasayHistory.com domain, which directs back to here. My plan had originally been two separate sites, but spreading out content like that didn’t seem worth the effort. Finally, if you have any photos or articles, any videos or interesting ideas that you think would fit into our site, then please do not hesitate to contact us! Drop us an email at isleofraasay(at)gmail.com with any queries or feedback.

Thanks for checking out the site!